Doctors and therapists tailor a structured recovery programme for a stroke patient.

The most amount of brain recovery occurs within the first few days to 3 months following a stroke. Yet, the ability to recover can continue for years.
There is no set time for recovery, as the damages caused by stroke are different in everyone, and full recovery is not guaranteed.
It is important to do exercises as early and as often as doctors and therapists feel it is safe. The more exercises a patient can perform without being over-exerted, the better.
Recovery can take a lot of time, effort, practice and the will to keep learning and improving. Even after therapy stops, stroke patients should continue with their own recovery program.

The Basics of recovery

In basic terms, a stroke damages a part of the brain. This can be a part that usually tells the body to do a certain thing (such as move your right arm or speak). So, the damaged part of the brain is no longer able to tell the body what to do.
The main theory behind recovery after a stroke is the brain’s ability to ‘re-wire’ itself (a term called ‘Neuro-Plasticity‘).
Even later in life, the brain is able to learn new things and after a stroke it is able to re-learn things it knew before.